Software Development –

Developing software requires several stages to be completed successively. Each stage contributes to the final product in its own unique way. All of the stages are important and most of them require the contribution of the developers as well as that of the end user.

Where other companies offer the end product, we take our clients along the complete process of software development. Starting from the feasibility study, we engage our clients to help us identify what their requirements are. For this, we conduct meetings, over VoIP, telephone, online chat, email or by visiting their office. After the initial study, we do some research on our part as to what would be the best approach to give you the best quality, most affordable software at the earliest time. We will then engage you in the system design process. We’ll take your feedback to assess how you want your workflow to be like. After the design has been finalized, we will let you rest while we code the software. We’ll keep you in touch with the progress, incorporating changes and features that you request along the way. When the coding work is finished, we will help you install it and implement it to get your systems working and up to mark. We can also provide training to your employees to use the software. We will help you phase over to the new system using the most appropriate transfer methodology.